For a girl on the go, you simply can’t pass up on a pair of Tony Bianco's slides shoes.  

With no buckles or straps required, women's slides are the perfect alternative on busy days when comfort is required and you don’t want to compromise on style or time. So why not gain both?

With our range of simple leather slides available in colt classic shades of black, tan, brown and the IT colours of the season, you’ll find just the right pair to suit your personal sense of style.

Improve your Spring/Summer wardrobe with a pair of Tony Bianco slides today, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be coming back for more.

Since comfort is what you desire, why not take a peek at our footbeds, wedges or platform sandals

What are the slide on shoes called? A slide shoe can also be referred to as a slip-on-sandal. Slide shoes are a backless, open-toed sandal that are easy to “slide on” as the name would suggest.

Which is better flip flops or slides? Depending on the occasion, slide shoes or slide sandals are a more acceptable footwear choice in a non-beach or non-pool environment than thongs or flip flops.